New user and my thoughts


First i have to say this is great and i’m very positive about this software!

I have been testing this software for two days now and i like what i see, feel and how it works.

Just a few things i would like to see different.

  • Change the language in the iPhone App, The Dutch (Netherlands) language isn’t Nyorsk thats Norway i think it should be Nederlands. They probably have switch Dutch (Nederlands) and Noway language with each other. Just a little update fix will be fine.
  • Very cool this App is still working on my Retro (First) USA iPhone with Software 3.0
  • And something else i would like to see is, try to make this software as small lightweight as possible!
    Now it’s 15MB while it easily could be 12MB if you delete the 3792 (extra) languages nobody will ever use.
    It’s only 3MB you can safe but again i think people will love everything as small as possible those days.

Just add a menu option where people can manually download there own language if they don’t wanna use English.
Everybody who can install Piwik can also drop a language file inside a language directory.


Language in iPhone App is fixed.