New to Piwik, lots of traffic, huge database

Hi there,

We are using Piwik for a week now because we reached the limit of Google analytics and our account was disabled.
However we are collection quite some data and I was wondering if our figures are ‘normal’ and if they can be optimized?

Any information / suggestions are welcome!

piwik_log_visit ~24,058,541 records 10.2 GiB
piwik_log_link_visit_action ~53,830,960 records 6.6 GiB
piwik_log_action ~1,736,122 records 794.5 MiB

We are using the QueudTracking plugin and use 2 dedicated servers behind a load balancer to handle all the traffic (Nginx + php-fpm).

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Hi there,

Please see: How to configure Piwik for speed - Analytics Platform - Matomo

if you have any suggestion let me know!

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Hi Matthieu,

Thanks for your answer. I believe we already followed all steps. I also just made another modification to delete logs older then 7 days. Saved me 6,5G.

We notice the systems are getting slower.
Current data:

piwik_log_visit ~33,347,726 records 14.1 GiB
piwik_log_link_visit_action ~74,419,187 records 9.3 GiB
piwik_log_action ~2,381,018 records 1.1 GiB

Server specs (2x):
Dual Xeon Hexacore
32GB memory
2x 240 GB SSD

matthieu… your link is very helpfull dear… thanks alot for sharing here…

@pdorn with such settings you won’t be able to calculate real number of unique visitors for a month period. If you don’t need this metric, it should work fine. But keep in mind that you won’t have access to historical visitor logs. :slight_smile: