New sites not showing up in dashboard


I use the latest Piwik version, and with my 15 old sites, everything works fine. But recently, I have added two new sites to Piwik and added the tracking code to the source by adding it manually to the section on both sites. Now, these two sites do not appear in my dashboard. I cannot see any statistics for these two sites. How could I debug what’s wrong with these two sites?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

I understand that you mean that no data is tracked for your two new sites, but the sites are displayed in the dashboard.

maybe this could help: Tracking HTTP API: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

or this FAQ: Piwik doesn't track any visits and pages, and shows "There is no data for this report" in all reports. - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Hi Matt,

thanks for your answer, but your assumption isn’t correct. The two sites don’t even appear in the dashboard. They appear in the overview of all sites, but not in the dashboard.



(Matthieu Aubry) #4

maybe you have to serach for their names in the search box? by default it shows only 10 websites in the list I believe


That was it! Thanks, Matt!