New plugin, menu, getting started tutorials


I’m trying to create a new “hello world” Piwik plugin following the Getting Started tutorial. I’m also looking at how real life plugins are structured, because on my system I can’t run the generate:plugin command, so I’m doing everything manually.

at the moment, I wasn’t able to add a working menu sub-item for the sample plugin. I’m following the example at:

(section “Adding a menu item” ).

on the tutorial I read about a file Menu.php, I manually created one and added the tutorial code, but no luck.

I checked the structure of other plugins to see a real life Menu.php, but I didn’t find one in the plugins that came with my installation. so I wonder: are the examples in the developer section relative to the 1.* or the 2.* version? I’m trying to develop on the 2.*.

many advanced thanks for any suggestion.

The menu mechanism has changed in 2.4.0-beta. Please download latest beta from: Index of /

Then you Menu.php should work, please let us know if you have any question!

Thanks Matt.

so, if I’m getting this right, the online documentation refer to the 2.4.0 beta? I’m currently trying to learn to develop on the 2.3.0. if I’m to rely on the online docs would you suggest to pass to the 2.4.0? or maybe there’s some specific docs for 2.3.0?


yes you’re correct, please use 2.4.0 beta if you are building a new plugin! Thanks.

thanks Matt.

I’d like to ask you if it’s possible to approximately know the foreseeable official release date for Piwik v. 2.4.0.

If I were to guess from the rc dates at:;O=D

I’d say by the end of june/beginning of july? not to put any pressure, of course! :slight_smile:

I was also wondering, given the fact that the online documentation refer to v. 2.4.0, if it’s still possible to access somewhere the documentation relative to v. 2.3.0. I’m asking because I’ve some really quick issue with some old plugin I’d like to solve while still using an official release.

many thanks again,


I’d say 2-3 weeks