New page url and page title widgets

For now, currently, i really dont like them.
But i know in the future, it will be something good.

First, i discovered that using certain characters as a separator in config.ini make Piwik think there is no config.ini file and it want to reinstall itself.
The following characters do this : | (pipe), ~ (tilde).

So i decided to use ¦ instead.
But if i set it up like that, the widget that list URL doesn’t fold them anymore


I think there’s need to have two defined separators now, or that the page url widget always use the proper folder separator.

What i meant, is that, without some kind of fix (or some missing documentation), we can’t really hope to use the new (old) Page title widget.
If i use it without setting a separator in config.ini, the widget list all visited pages (78 in one of my sites) in a single colunm.
Plus, clicking on a header doesn’t sort the content of the table.
And if i do put a separator; it’s the other widget that make a big list, of URLs this time.

I think maybe i should have waited for the next release before updating. This one is a bit buggy and unfinished.
Sorry if i sound harsh, i know you guys are doing a fantastic job with this.

I created a ticket for the feature request:

To set characters like | or ~, just enclose them with quotes in the config file: “~”

Thanks for the hint.
I should have tried; it was logical.