New logo design

Hello Piwik-Friends,

first of all - thank all supporters and developers of piwiki!

I’ll pick your announcement…

This page lists the presentations, logos, other banners, that contributors have made. If you feel creative and would like to give back to Piwik, consider trying to design a new logo! We would love to add your shiny logo to this page.

… and tried myself to design a new logo:
(transparent png)

Of course, it’s “open source” :wink:
Here’s the Photoshop file: http:// www . webbrandings . com/vorschlaege/piwik/piwik-logo.psd
(Sorry, could not link it, because the linking is restricted => fight spam, yeah :wink:

Feel free to use, modify or anything else with it style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif
The font: SF Retroesque Outline


Hi Benny,

thanks for you contribution. I like especially the bars inside the font.
There are rumors ( ) that Piwik might get a brand new UI style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif

Downloaded your Logo and will keep it for further discussion on desgin issues.
Are you good at CSS and Smarty?

Take care and BR,