New install not logging any users



I’ve installed Piwik on my wordpress server. I’ve also installed the wordpress plugin on my site.
From the wordpress plugin I’ve added the site to piwik and the auth code and URL.

However no visits are being logged in piwik at all. I see zeros everywhere.

I’ve put the tracking script in the footer manually as, despite the box being ticked, it wasn’t showing in the source. However still nothing.

Any ideas where I start to look for the fault?


(Stefan Giehl) #2

Is an request sent to your piwik installation when accessing the wordpress site? Best to see in the network tab in dev tools of your browser.


Actually I have a similar problem, I just did a fresh install of piwik and isn’t showing any statistics in the dashboard despite of receiving the the visit information from the sites is tracking.
Just to add information, I tryed all tests and no errors.
no errors in the client side or server side and just to be sure I added the following code to the beginning of piwik.php
error_log(“PIWIK TRACKER::”);
foreach($_REQUEST as $k=>$v){
error_log(“PIWIK :::::::::::”);

and I get all the variables piwik is suppose to get