New Feature Suggestion: Detail Visits

I am using and Piwik is a great Open Source replacement for that service but a few are still missing.

The most useful feature for me is the detail visits, essentially, they put all information in one page, as long as you can display…

Visitor #
[hide] [sort] Referrer
[hide] [sort] Keywords
[hide] Entry Page
[hide] [sort] Click-Path
[hide] Visitor Location & IP
[hide] [sort] O.S.
[hide] Browser
[hide] Scr. Size
[hide] Color


Great product, keep going.

a screenshot or mockup might better illustrate what you’re suggesting.

Exactly the kind of detail I would like from piwik

a page that shows each visitor’s path through the website, how they got there, the country they are from etc.

we have just released a new feature, “Page Transitions” which shows the path of a visitor from a given page, and where visitors click from there. It’s pretty awesome! Check it out: Clickpath analytics