New /core/Tracker/Settings.php notice in apache error logs on Matomo 3.13.1 and PHP 7.4

My web server runs PHP7.4, and I was very happy to see archiving errors go away after I upgraded to Matomo 3.13.1.

However, now I am seeing many php notices such as this in my apache error log:

PHP Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /core/Tracker/Settings.php on line 44

Line 44 is a device/browser type check

if ($aBrowserInfo[‘type’] != ‘browser’) {

I wrapped it in an if(!empty($aBrowserInfo[‘type’])) statement (as opposed to just suppressing the notices) to see if that would make the notices go away.

My Matomo dashboard system check is now telling me that the file size for Settings.php is wrong.

Not sure if this is worth reporting formally as a bug.


This definitely feels like a bug. It would be great if you could somehow also get the output of $aBrowserInfo in case it is easily possible.

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