New chat plugin

Hello everybody,

I have noticed that there is a new plugin in the marketplace, integrating a basic chat function with piwik…right now i am using a separate platform for chat, but the more integrated the better and less the clutter, so i gave it a try… my only problem is that it did not work…at all :smiley:

I did put the code in the correct position (after piwik code, but before the closing /body)…

so, did anyone manage to make it work? if so, how?

piwik 2.40 and Chat v0.1.4


Hi Glisse,

I’m the plugin author!

And you’re right, it’s not working at all!
I apologize for the inconvenient… As you said, it’s pretty new, and not enough tested.
I have done a lot of work since the begin, and we are actually close to a first good release.

I’ll work on it ASAP to solve this issue.
I’ll keep you inform on this topic.


New version 0.1.5 should have fixed some issues.

Can you test it and report me your feedback ?

hello… just tested the updated plugin (chrome 36, no addons, client not logged in piwik)… it is still not working at all, no chat button or something… the code is right before the closing /body as requested… i tried to initiate the chat in piwik admin via user profile, nothing appeared on the other end

Hi Glisse

What’s your piwik tracking code ?

For me, it wasn’t working on one of my website 'cause its tracking code was outdated. The “_paq.push([‘setSiteId’, 1]);” wasn’t set.

A) piwik code:

B) chat code

it seems to have that setsite id… i only have 1 site… if you want the actual site i can give it to you in pm and check the source yourself

Yes please send me your website url via pm :wink:

hi iam using piwik 2.16.2 and plugin Chat (v0.3.2) evry things are fine at the back end but doesn’t apper on the front end .

any update on this plugin