Network influence for Piwik interface?


I’m facing a weird observation using the Piwik interface :

On the same site, using a normal user or admin I have a different response time/behavior depending on the client machine.

Actions => Pages (for a single day)
Result: 500 display/2159 (report is flat)
Time to show the whole 500 lines: 5 seconds.

If I enter at bottom search this word: publications
Results of 222 pages found is displayed in 4 seconds for all 222 lines.

Now the weird part: If I use the computer of another co-worker, same building, different floor, tested with different browser or even as a Piwik Admin, the search of the word “publications” takes forever. The message “Loading data…” stay there forever.

So since Piwik is using Ajax to search and display stuff, is it a consequence of bad hardware/configuration network ? Is it possible at all ? My first impression is that it can’t be, I’m accessing the same server from the same network (AFAIK) and the servers (apache/mysql) are mostly doing the job, not the network per se.

I even check if it was related to language interface choices but no. No influence observed.

Any hint/ideas ?


Found the culprit. Thanks Adware programs… :rage:

I went to my colleague spot, use my laptop on its network cable and observed normal speed. Then started to look in his browsers and found “savesenselive” modules installed.