Nested Subtable Help


I am having trouble getting subtables nested more than 1 layer deep to work…

I am using the AdvanceCampaignReports plugin and am in essence trying to combine 2 of the reports it provides.

It provides 1 report, Campaign Names, where you can click each campaign and it’ll show you the keyword data for the campaign in a subtable. It also provides another report, Source - Medium, in which you can click a source/medium, and it’ll give you a subtable of all of the associated campaigns.

In effect I’d like to combine these 2 reports so I can click on a source - medium, and it’ll drill down, and then I can click on the campaign (in the same report) and it’ll drill down further into the keyword data.

I figured it’d be fairly easy but I’m having a hard time making the $idSubtable work when doing 2 levels deep. What do I do!?

Thanks in Advance.