Need some help for a beginer


Hello Folks,

I am new to piwik world, really like the feature and interface. I want to make two widgets, one to track people browing from desktop and other to pepole browing from their mobile device. In Each of the widgets i want to show a simple html table with summary data like following:

WIDGET 1: DESKTOP (2012-01-01 to 2012-01-17)

Visitor ID Page Name Duration AVG TIME SPENT

1 a.html 2 mins 2/16
1 c.html 4 mis 4/16
2 b.html 10 mins 10/16

Total visits (on seleted date rage): 3

Unique Visits : 2


Same as above

I saw most of the information are already available in different places. I guess all the functiones are there i just need to learn how to combine them in a customized widget. I’ll be more than glad if any expert can help me with code and some guideline (mainly how to use API, built in functions and reserved variables in my own function).

Happy piwik…