Need more help understanding web server requirements for installation


How do we determine what resources are required for Piwik installation on our web server (CPU, RAM, disc space)?
Any suggestions for how this correlates to number of pages in our site? We have only one site with about 22k pages, if that helps.

In the documentation, I’ve seen a ton of references to a “good server”, but I need to translate that to more specifics to install it.

Thank you for the help in advance!


Do you know by any chance, how many Actions are you going to track?
An ‘Action’ is counted every time you track a visitor’s activity with Piwik. The most common Actions are Page views, Downloads, Outlinks, Custom Events and Goals.


Hi Michal,

Not planning on using ecommerce goals, but definitely using Page views, file downloads, outlinks, search terms. I don’t know how many Actions that adds up to in total though. Would you be multiplying by the number of users these actions are being performed against as well?

(Michael Gonera) #4

@caro_fre best way to estimate would be to take your monthly website access log, import it into Piwik ( and then just see how many actions this adds up to using Piwik All Websites Dashboard.