Need help to set-up Piwik


I uploaded the Piwik folder on my Wordpress blog.
I am stuck in the 3rd step of set-up, it includes 6 fields as stated below. I want to know where do I get this information from? My host is BlueHost, where in my control panel do I find this information on BlueHost?

database server
database name
table prefix


Hello Susan,

If you follow this simple guide it will show you how to get the information you require.

However from my experience blue host mysql is slow so if your site gets busy you may need to move hosts.


I am getting the following error:

Error while trying to connect to the database server:
SQLSTATE[HY000] [2005] Unknown MySQL server host ‘promodir_blog’ (1)

This is extremely complicated… I have been trying it for a long time… I don’t know what information to enter.

I have a database created already in my Cpanel… I am entering the same information there and its failing every time.

(Thomas Seifert) #4

promodir_blog is probably the database name not the hostname. For hostname I would try localhost with a cPanel host.


Thanks a lot for the help.

The tracking has begun… but when I try to navigate to other sections eg. under ‘Visitors’ > ‘Visitor Log’ OR if I click on ‘View detailed visitor log’ it remains on the Dashboard, nothing happens. I understand that I have to select the Widgets from the dropdown menu. But why the other sections not accessible?