Need help Integrating Piwik with multitenat cloud service

Hello, we have developed an eCommerce cloud service to create online stores ( It’s based on a multitenant architecture built over LAMP solution.

We now want to let users to track visits to their online stores, we can guess several ways to do it (google analytics, piwik, own implementation, etc.) but in this case we want to ask you “piwik gurus” how to do it with Piwik in a efficient way.

The objetive is simple: let users to see some graphical stats widgets about visits, keywords, pages, etc. in each user own store administration dashboard.

Is that possible? What are the basic steps to get this?

Thanks in advance,

If your users are on separate domains, then the standard JS tracking code is a good start.

If your users are on a shared domain, then you should be partitioning them by directories. See the docs re: cookie paths.

You may be able to extend the TrackSiteByUrl plugin to handle the paths, and thus, simplify your tracking code. TrackSiteByUrl - automatically set idsite in tracking request based on current page's URL · Issue #2371 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub