Nameserver configuration with dedicated hosting?

My wordpress websites are on dedicated wordpress hosting and the company says I can’t install Matomo on their servers.

If I create an Ubuntu server on Digital Ocean and install Matomo, how would I configure my nameservers in my domain host since they are pointed to my managed wordpress host? Or do I have that wrong and can configure it a different way?


This works the same independent of Matomo: When you e.g. want to point matomo.yoursite.example, then you have to add a A record to the IP-Address of the server (and an AAAA record for the IPv6 address). This can be done in the settings of the nameserver (wherever you are hosting it).

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Thank you, that makes sense. Is there a guide for the specifics? For example, in my domain hosting panel I have to know what to put for the Type, Host, Points to, and TTL.

Type: As I said A for IPv4 and AAAA for IPv6
Host: The subdomain (matomo.yoursite.example)
Points to: the IP-Address
TTL: Time to live, the amount of time (in seconds) DNS servers are allowed to cache the record. If you set it to 3600 and then want to change the IP address then it will take at least an hour until everyone reaches the new ip address. Higher values mean that the site loads faster (after the first request) as the DNS record doesn’t need to be fetched again. I’d set it to something small (e.g. 300) for testing and once everything works fine increase it to something higher.

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Thanks so much. One more question. Where do I find the subdomain once it is installed?

There is nothing really to find there.

Once you have set it up, the domain points to the server and you have to configure your webserver there to server a website.