Mysqli statement execute error : Out of memory (Needed 8388580 bytes)


I have only had piwik installed for 2 weeks…my site only gets like 30 hits daily…why am I getting this error?

My hosting does not have a php.ini file (hgator shared hosting)…and making a bootstrap.php file had no effect…


There seem to be various memory issues going on with Piwik. I have memory on 256M (set in php.ini, with a VPS and dedicated resources). Still I get error messages and can’t see totals for months… (I posted this a couple of days ago, but unfortunatly had no suggestions so far).

turbo: 8M is tiny. Hostgator allows you to have local php.ini files. Ask HG for help with that.

They said they dont do it except for VPNs…mines shared hosting…

I can’t understand hwo this thing is running out of memory whenI get 50-100 hits daily and piwik has been installed on there 2 weeks…

also when does this thing archive or flush the memory caches from all the previous weeks/months it has stored up?