Mysqli prepare error



In the Visitors in Real-time panel on the Dashboard I’m getting the message:
Mysqli prepare error: ‘sub.idsite’ isn’t in GROUP BY

This is a clean installation on an Ubuntu 12.04 server running PHP 5.4.23 & MySQL 5.5.35

Any suggestions what could be causing this or what I can do to diagnore the problem?



OK - here’s the solution in case anyone else runs into this problem:

In the MySQL configuration file my.cnf
the following line:


was causing the problem.

From the manual

Do not permit queries for which the select list or or HAVING list refers to nonaggregated columns that are not named in the GROUP BY clause.

I guess there’s room for a little SQL improvement in the system.

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Which Piwik version are you using?