Mysqli prepare error: Unknown column 'use_12_hour_clock' in 'field list'

i cant change the statistics of a day into a month on startup piwik.

i get this message ( Mysqli prepare error: Unknown column ‘use_12_hour_clock’ in ‘field list’ )

Same issue here with 2.17.1. There must be a missing update not alterting the database. There might be missing the “use_12_hour_clock” in the table “piwik_user_language”

What worked for me is to alter the DB:

ALTER TABLE piwik_user_language ADD use_12_hour_clock TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’ AFTER language;

Then you should be able to change the user settings regarding the reporting

If someone can tell me exactly wich steps i should do.

i would be very gratefull.

I don’t understand what you are requesting. Micha2016 gave the exact step that fixed it for them.

should i be in wich maps is it in the piwik map?

I have 6 websites running why does it work one tree off them and on the others not.
all i want to now is in wich map of piwik you putt this line i cant find in any off the maps this line, not even on the sites who are working normall.

you don’t put this line in any PHP file. You go to the database server (That you told Piwik to use) and run that line once (You do know how to use MySQL, right?).

Thank you all for the support.
Problem is solved.