[MySQL] Table log_profiling has no primary key (s. Issue #287), prevents usage of MySQL group replication


After traversing through the database server on the search for tables without primary key I found “log_profiling”.
This was addressed in issue #287. That was not a problem for us yet. But we’re thinking about making the database a little bit HA (and load balanced via MySQL-Router) by using the new replication groups feature. But under Requirements and Limitations it is stated, that every table must have a primary (not only a unique key as in Mysql.php source, s. line 211. So please try to resolve this to get compatible to the newest HA feature of MySQL.

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log_profiling is not used


Thx for this information. So can we change this topic to RFE to “remove unused table log_profiling”?

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The table can be used in some cases when profiling performance of Piwik

So even if it is normally unused, please provide a primary key to avoid future problems with i.e. group replication.