Mysql server is becoming slow

Getting this below error very often

SQLSTATE[08S01]: Communication link failure: 1153 Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet’ bytes - caused by plugin DevicesDetection

Also mysql server is very slow and the server is waiting for db to respond


Have you tried increasing the max_allowed_packet to at least 128M?

You can check out How to configure Piwik for speed - Analytics Platform - Matomo

And if you are running Linux/UNIX, you can try out GitHub - major/MySQLTuner-perl: MySQLTuner is a script written in Perl that will assist you with your MySQL configuration and make recommendations for increased performance and stability.

Hi Lukas,
Thanks for your reply

I have already increased max_allowed_packet, and i am using ubuntu and already fine tuned db server

Any other solution please?

Hi @Lukas,
I have closed this issue by increasing the innodb buffer size.
It works seamless now.