MySQL Connect error while installing

(cbfuk) #1

I get a

Error while trying to connect to the MySQL database:
SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘’ (111)

when trying to go through Step 3 of Install.

I’ve set up a new DB, and have specified the existing super-user DB account credentials. As I understand it tho, this error doesn’t result from credential failure but from a basic connection problem. MySQL is running on localhost, on the default port; it’s a shared hosting server but PHP/MySQL is working fine with our own sites.

Any suggestions where to start looking?

(vipsoft) #2

What version of MySQL client and server?

I got this error when php was built with the MySQL 5.1.x client connecting to a MySQL 5.0.x server.

(cbfuk) #3

MySQL server version: 5.0.41
PHP version 5.2.6, with MySQL/MySQLi client API version 5.0.41

So - no, looks like the client and server versions match here, unless there’s an issue with that specific version? Thanks for the suggestion though - I hadn’t thought of checking that.

The odd thing is that we’ve never had any other DB issues between PHP and MySQL, using both MySQL and MySQLi client APIs - they run all our websites on that server! So what does Piwik do differently?

(vipsoft) #4

Hmmm…you wrote:

Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘’ (111)

Why is it port 111 instead of 3306?

(cbfuk) #5

No, 111 is the MySQL error code, not the port (111 seems to be the catch-all for “something went wrong when I tried to connect”!) However your question made me realise something else which was staring us in the face - from the wording of the error message, it looks like it isn’t trying to connect through a port at all, but is trying to use a socket! Presumably the hosting provider has disabled local socket connections.

I replaced the default ‘localhost’ host entry on the form with, and that seems to have been enough to force Piwik to connect via IP port instead of a pipe as the install then worked perfectly!

While this isn’t exactly a bug, it’s surely something users should be warned about (or the default host on that installation form should be replaced with to make sure this doesn’t happen)?