My private network give in Visitor Logs



I’m using Piwik (2.0.3) on a server X, located outside my private network.

The site I’m tracking is on a server Y, located outside my private network too.

When I browse my tracked site using my cell phone (using a 3G Internet connection) I see the correct IP.

When I browse my tracked site using any browser on my computer located in my private network (using Pfsense proxy), it shows in Visitor Logs.

The site I’m tracking is behind a reverse proxy but I don’t think it is relevant. Also, everything is working using http protocol.

I tried with another computers on the same private network and it shows too (but adding a new unique visitor since it’s a new cookie I think).

I’m a bit confused about this. Any idea to debug that problem?



(Matthieu Aubry) #2

this sounds like a configuration issue of your network where devices are goingto the website using the local network rather than internet and so don’t have an ip address