My own visits (and possibly many others) don't appear to be getting tracked

If I visit the website in a clean browser session, my visit does not seem to appear in the real time visitors page - any idea why this might be? If it’s not tracking me then I wonder how many other visitors are not being tracked too.

I’ve tested in Brave, Firefox and Chrome and get this.

But I have just tested in Edge and my visit did appear strangely… But my IP address is only correct in the first two blocks, the last two are incorrect.

I’ve got no idea what is going on… :confused:

It could be a CORS issue (or an HTTPS/HTTP mix that has been restricted). Check in the network console of Firefox if some requests are ignored…

Another thing to check is this parameter (Support Do Not Track preference):

I suggest you disable it.

Is it possible you excluded yourself by cookie? Try to clean your cookies.

Less probable: