Multisite Visitor Stats

Sorry if this has been asked before but I went through about 20 pages of posts without finding a solution…

Basically I need to calculate cumulative visitor statistics for all sites within my piwik network (200+ websites). Specifically I’m looking for percentage of mobile vs desktop users.

The multisite plugin doesn’t really show any relevant stats, just total page views and visits.

I realize I can add a second tracking link to all my sites that will be used for the “global” view, however I’d like to calculate this stat on the data I already gathered for 2012.

I tried looking at the database directly, however I’m having trouble figuring out the short codes for each browser version (i.e. what defines a mobile visitor or a desktop visitor?). I’m not opposed to manually running this stat in mysql, I just haven’t found any documentation on the DB structure along with what the column values actually mean.

Thanks for any help!!

Not possible yet but you could sponsor this development, please contact if you’re interested!

Thanks Matt, something we’ll defiantly look into.

In the mean time, is there anyway to get a key for the ‘config_os’ and ‘config_browser_name’ columns in the log_visit table?

If it helps anyone… here is the query I used:

SELECT COUNT(idvisit), SUM(IF(config_os=‘WI8’ OR config_os=‘WI7’ OR config_os=‘WVI’ OR config_os=‘WS3’ OR config_os=‘WXP’ OR config_os=‘W2K’ OR config_os=‘WNT’ OR config_os=‘WME’ OR config_os=‘W98’ OR config_os=‘MAC’ OR config_os=‘LIN’ OR config_os=‘WII’ OR config_os=‘PS3’ OR config_os=‘SOS’ OR config_os=‘NBS’ OR config_os=‘BSD’ OR config_os=‘UNK’,1,0)) AS DESKTOP, SUM(IF(config_os=‘IPD’ OR config_os=‘IPA’ OR config_os=‘IPH’ OR config_os=‘AND’ OR config_os=‘WPH’ OR config_os=‘WMO’ OR config_os=‘WCE’ OR config_os=‘MAE’ OR config_os=‘WOS’ OR config_os=‘BLB’ OR config_os=‘QNX’ OR config_os=‘SYM’ OR config_os=‘WP7’,1,0)) AS MOBILE FROM piwik_log_visit WHERE config_os IS NOT NULL

I used the UserAgentParser.php to classify desktop vs mobile. My lists above are not complete, I just used the values that were present in our database (i.e. we didn’t have any Nintendo DS hits so that’s not in the mobile list above).