Multiple zip for update


I have a hosting that kills the php scripts after 30 sec, multiple users have this I think. After I click the update button i got a white page, the update script has been stopped.

This is now for 5 month’s, maybe the zip is getting larger.

Woud it be a good idea to download multiple smaller zip’s and deploy them individual so the update will not be killed?

Christophe VD


Multiple ZIPs wouldn’t help there as then the update would still abort somewhere in the middle when extracting ZIP X from Y.

Of course doing the update manually circumvents this issue (, but I don’t really have a solution to the problem (apart of course from using a server that is fast enough to extract a zip in a reasonable time).


I was thinking of zip1 get’s downloaded and exstracted, then the page reload and the next zip until it is done. So will the max_execute time not exceed.