Multiple Websites but only tracking first site


I just found this great software tonight and OMG, it is great!! I filed for divorce with Google after the install… Great software guys! Glad to be part of the community…

OK, I was worried about the tracking footprint so I setup a DNS entry which points to one of my Hosting Providers and I’ve setup the Proxy PHP file.

So for this example lets use… So I got all that setup and my first site installed which is on another host (not the same host as Piwik).

Now the first site tracks everything correctly and is great but when I put in the 2nd site, it tracks to the first site. I’ve changed the SITEID to be correct, but I still don’t seem to get tracking on the other websites!

Any ideas?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Make sure you follow instructions in: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Yeah, I’ve been thru them several times and read the long thread here in the forums!! Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

It works great without the PHP Proxy!