Multiple urls - why?

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just curious. when we are setting up websites to be tracked, i was wondering why it allows us to setup multiple urls.

for each site, isn’t it good enough to setup the main domain (i.e. http://, and when users enter the site from internal pages, the tracking will still show?

or does it only track one domain, i.e. the homepage if we enter http://


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=D still wondering

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me too!

Does it make sense to insert “http://” and “http://” when both addresses lead to the same index.php?

And when creating a new subdomain “http://” that leads to this index.php too? Do I have to insert this subdomain additionally?

Maybe it’s important when you’re using one tracking tag with two different index.php’s… so you can aggregate the access statistics of both webpages. Hmmm, why should anyone do this?

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I believe this is used by Piwik to identify host aliases in the referrer to be marked as direct entry.

If your web site is visited as both and, then it’s recommended that you enter both in your site configuration.

If your web site is visited as both and, then it’s not necessary to enter both in your site configuration because Piwik strips the www for the comparison.