Multiple super user

Hello, I wish have multiple super user. How do that’s?

You can’t … at least, not within Piwik.

I can see wanting to delegate some superuser functions. This would have to wait until we implement some fine grained privilege system.

I was looking for exactly the same functionality and only this came up… What’s the status of this?

It appears that any plans to implement multiple super users have been cancelled:

Alternatively, I would like to be able to create an admin user that gets equal permissions as a super user. We install Piwik on our customers’ webspaces and of course they have to be super user as it’s their webspace, not ours. But unfortunately we need the same permissions if “system” configuration has to be changed (e.g. plugins). We cannot do that with site admin accounts, so we have to ask our customers not to change their password or share any new password with us - that’s not ideal.

Yes we plan to build a more advanced permission system in Piwik but we need funding for it, so contact us if you can sponsor the feature