Multiple sites versus one catch-all site


We use Piwik to track several dozens of domains. Since Piwik doesn’t allow report generation for groups of sites, we are using the same idSite for all domains, and a “domain” custom variable to enable per domain filtering.

I’m wondering if it would be more efficient to segment data using one idsite per domain. I’m thinking about report generation speed, backup complexity, etc.

Any suggestions?



Yes it’s better to have 1 site per domain indeed.

Same requirement here.
For now, we separate sites on Piwik, different id and URL between sites.
But how can I get data from all / several sites on one report?
Like I want to get DAU of all the sites.
Now I should plus one by one.

For this you can use

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Thanks. I want to try it to see does it support to roll up custom reports.
I create a 30 days free account on, but I didn’t see the market place and plugin manager on setting page.
So how can I try RollUpReporting? Or can you tell me does it support custom reports?

RollUp Reporting is included in the InnoCraft Cloud. See how to use it in the guide @ Roll-Up Reporting - Analytics Platform - Piwik

What do you mean by Custom Reports?

I mean I created a new plugin and add custom dimension and reports.
So does the roll up plugin support it?