Multiple errors on install - curly braces and vti files

Here is what I’m getting now.


The only change since Matomo was working great was the update to PHP 7.4 from 7.3. The instant I did that, Matomo failed. Nothing else is broken, just the Matomo. The two or three times I installed Matomo before it went perfectly, so I can also agree there must be something going on with the PHP update config.

Okay, I may be onto something. I believe this is being caused by ExpressionWeb. I downloaded the and unzipped it to my webspace folder. From there, I used FileZilla to upload it from my webspace folder on D/MyWebs to the server online.
I think when I placed it into the website folder maintained by ExpressionWeb, that ExpressionWeb ‘took control’ of the folder and files.
So, I am deleting the folder and files from drive D and the ExpressionWeb folder, and from the web server, then uploading with FileZilla directly from the unzipped folder in My Downloads folder on C.
I’m willing to bet this will correct all the problems.

So far uploading, I see no vti vti_cnf folders or files, but there were before. Those are common in ExpressionWeb for site maintenance. Mostly they track pages so when you change a page name or location, if there are links in the website that points to that changed page name or location, it will track all places where that link exists and update all of them at the same time. Navigation maintenance, mostly, but other tasks as well.
I’ve never seen vti or vti-cnf files anywhere else, so I am confident this is all because I saved the Matomo folder in my ExpressionWeb folder and uploaded it from there. ExpressionWeb probably ‘took control’ of all the files and inserted code to make those functions work and FileZilla just faithfully uploaded what was there - altered by ExpressionWeb.
vti and vti_cnf are also used by Frontpage and other Microsoft web apps.
When you pointed out that they aren’t part of Matomo, I assume they came from ExpressionWeb, which I see in its folders all the time. I used to use FrontPage, and worked with them there too. They made great navigation buttons and icons that stayed updated whenever you changed a page name, or moved it, or changed the navigation structure. The nav buttons on the pages just stayed updated automatically. It was great. You could even make your own style and color buttons that the programs overlayed the page name text onto for you. Awesome functionality.
PS halfway through uploading and still not a single vti or vti_cnf to be seen!
The file count in the FileZilla queue was 18K, this time it’s around 9K. I think you helped me figure it out. I hope this even taught you a little, almost obsolete, problem that might come up in future and you can stand up and fix it when others will just be left with no clue.

That was it!
All this trouble thanks to Microsoft and their obsession with taking control of all files used by their apps.
Thank you Lukas! Without your help I would never have known that those vti files didn’t belong in Matomo. I’m so used to seeing them while working with web files and pages that I didn’t suspect they weren’t.
If there is a way I can leave a positive comment on your profile or something do let me know!


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