Multi User features

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Hi! Is it planned to add “Multi User” functionality. I mean public user (and site) registration like WPMU comparing to ordinary Wordress ?

I’we started piwik server on VPS for my needs, but after some time decided to share with locals. So i made few changes in original plugins (Login and CoreHome) and added few own.

That changes not so hard to repeat for next releases, but i still would like to know if there will be “from the box” feature.

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If you have interesting code, or precise suggestions of things that you would need to be done, write here your requirements. That would help and maybe other developer would also be interested, and maybe a custom plugin could be started!

(branica) #3

Actually, I have a programmer start the work but I had him stop since he didn’t really understand my requirements. I’ll try to see if I can package it up for everyone else to use.

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Hi! so here what i made.
First i wrote plugin for registration, and modified additionally Login templates to add “SignUp” link.
Registration plugin uses super-user token to attempt to add new user and give that user new siteID. If everything fine new user logs in automatically. Otherwise token drops to anonymous.

Later I’ve made SiteManagerPersonal to allow manage sites. But to use this plugin i had to add APIPersonal plugin which allowed to raise access to super-user for limited number API calls (in my plugin it is adding and deleting sites).
Both SiteManagerPersonal and APIPersonal are clones of original plugins with few modifications.

Also changed behavior of Settings link in CoreHome. For ordinary users it replaced with “Sites” link targeted to SiteManagerPersonal.
In core/View.php added

$this->userHasSomeAdminAccess = Piwik::isUserHasSomeAdminAccess();

right after

$this->userIsSuperUser = Piwik::isUserIsSuperUser();

and in plugins/CoreHome/top_bar.tpl added condition.

I guess this code too far from good , and still requires lots of changes, but now it works for me.

Attached file contains changed and new plugins for 0.2.28


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And few more details.
There is hard-coded limit (10) to Site count per user in SiteManagerPersonal . But there is no such in Registration style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif
APIPersonal doesn’t allows to delete all of sites, at least one should be left. With no sites SiteManagerPersonal will not show “Add” link.

Current structure and style also requires new super-user page to manage “per user sites” because it isn’t easy to find out which sites belongs to who.

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From: Branica Team
Sent: Monday, July 27, 2009 1:55:53 PM
Subject: PiWik Confirmation Link

Your Comfirmation link
Click on this link to activate your account with Branica[…]6fbf054b

This is the error i got after cliking on the confirmation link :
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ‘,’ or ‘;’ in /home/a389951l/public_html/piwik/signup/confirmation.php on line 130

(Multi User Plugin) #7

Hello everyone,

I have installed piwik and I find it fantastic, but lacks a very important function.
One that allows users to sign up and add websites (As for google analytics). I and my company we are looking for people who develop these changes (Even a fee) and then we would release them as a plugin for the whole community.

Expect answers or email to


is the attachment gone for this?

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See Piwik as a self serve hosted web analytics solution · Issue #1148 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub