Multi user and specific directories?

(thepov) #1

wondering if it is possible to target / filter results to extensions of a domain… for example, and … we have a multiuser site for which we want to be able to give each user stats…

(Burkhard) #2

Piwik records data by the numerical “IDSITE” parameter, no matter what the domain, URL or page name actually is. The Piwik dashboard displays URLs/pages in a tree fashion when it thinks they belong together. The separating character by default is “/”, so in your statistics for e.g. IDSITE=1, you will get separate values (impressions and visits) for “”, “” etc. Plus the sums under “”. You could not easily separate things like “users of subdomain /user1 have 65% Firefox and 1600/1200 screens while users of /user2 use IE7 and 1280/1080 screens”. If you want that, assign separate IDSITE numbers.

You can customize the name of each page that Piwik records. That is a separate count(!) - separate from the URL - , so you can use any names you want (“Prettygirls/Marias_Sisters/Eva”) - again the “/” is the separator for the tree display.

Look up “Customize the page name displayed in Piwik” in “”.