Multi domain question


I want to install Piwik on one of our Webservers. But I got a little Question.
On one of our hostings there are dozens of domains pointing on it …
Do I have to add every domain to Piwik or is it enough if I just add one Domain to track all of them?

Thank you

It’s OK to just add one domain, but your other domains will appear in Referers > Websites

thx for the fast answer!
This would be OK for me! :wink:

Another Question:
Is it possible that one JS tracking code can report the tracking to “2 websites”?
We got a CMS where we run hundreds of Web-Sites … and I want an overall statistic for all Websites together and detailed stats for every single site …
So I want piwik to report to tracker 1 and let’s say 5 …


If not - is it possible to insert 2 JS tracking codes on one site?

thx, bye

Yes, OK to insert 2 codes, see:

seems like Piwik is excactly what we look for! :wink:

Got one additional question.

I think about implementing Piwik into our CMS.
When we add a new User to our CMS I would automatically create the Piwik User in die Piwik DB (guess it’s enough to add him into piwik_user?).
But is there the possibility to do a single login for our CMS and Piwik?
If Users logs into our CMS he should automatically be logged in to Piwik.

Is this possible? (cookies, CURL request to piwik, ?!?)

Thank you

do NOT insert stuff directly in the DB. Use the UsersManager.addUser API instead:

ok - sound convincing! :wink:

and about the single login? do you know any possibility to realize this?


please search faq: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

ok … it’s a classical RTFM … :wink:

integration into our CMS works like a charm …

thank you for the good support and your patience with me! :wink:

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