Multi-dimensional usage analysis

Hi everyone,

we have a travel website and would like to do some in-depth analysis of the usage on multiple dimensions, kind of like a data warehouse can slice and dice it’s data.

We have this directory structure for our vacation appartments: /country/city/category/size

For analysis we would like to get top-lists and potentially graph mixed dimensions. Furthermore it would be great to be able to drill down further into the results like:

=== category ===
luxury -> 123
classy -> 213
inexpensive -> 321

=== category => country(Funland) ===
luxury -> 80
classy -> 70
inexpensive -> 70

=== category => country(Funland) => city(Funtown) ===
luxury -> 20
classy -> 10
inexpensive -> 30

=== city ===
Barcelona -> 20
Berlin -> 10
Bucarest -> 30

=== city => category(luxury) ===
Barcelona -> 5
Berlin -> 5
Bucarest -> 5

=== city => size(1-2) ===
Barcelona -> 8
Berlin -> 7
Bucarest -> 6

Is this possible with Piwik, potentially with some tricks or plugins?

Or can you recommend another solution for this kind of multi-dimensional analysis?


Assuming you do properly track all these things (by URL or custom variable), here are some ideas:

  1. You can use segments (Segmentation - Compare segments of visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo) to view only specific visitors. For example, you can narrow them down to a specific city.
  2. When a row evolution (Row Evolution - View and compare historical data - Analytics Platform - Matomo) is displayed, you can “pick another row to compare” it to. This should allow you, for instance, to view visitors for inexpensive and classy appartments all in one graph.

Not sure whether this satisfies your need for “multi-dimensionality”, but those are good places to start.

I had similar needs and the only way I have thought to get that data is use the API and use and/or statements to dive deeper.