Multi data bar chart

I am building my own plugin, for which i have to show a widget.

I have to show a bar chart like
Open Flash Chart - Gallery - Bar Chart 2

So can you please help on how to pass data to datatable object, so that the above is achieved


any help???

any suggestion please


Some small hint will help me to find solution.

Is the bar chart build dynamically?

style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/unsure.gif style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.gif It’s my fourth reply…
Still i yet to get a reply.

Will the feature comes in future?

Is there any workaround to achieve it?

It is supported by Open Flash Chart, but not by Piwik’s Visualization code.

Please take a look at core/Visualization/Chart/Evolution.php to see how multiple lines are supported in the evolution chart. Then make similar changes to core/Visualization/Chart/VerticalBar.php and send us a patch. Thanks.

Hi vipsoft,

Thanks for the update.
I just found , Piwik itself supports this feature.

In dashboard plugin, in API.php

In get function
$dataTable=new Piwik_DataTable();

the $dataTable is used to build the chart.

row to the datatable is added like,

$a1=array(array(‘label’ => $ct[‘date2’],‘Testing1’ => $ct[‘value’]));
$row1=new Piwik_DataTable_Row($a1);

So to add multiple line chart then do it like,

$a1=array(array(‘label’ => $ct[‘date2’],‘Testing1’ => $ct[‘value’],‘Testing2’ => $val));

That’s it…
Please make use of these feature.


you can enable, in the plugins tab, the " ExampleUI" plugin. This might help you get your feature done. We can accept patches if they fit well in the existing code base.