MSSQL Server with PIWIK

I am aware that it is mentioned in FAQ that we cannot attach any other DB to PIWIK. And that FAQ takes use to Wordpress site for details. However, here( it is mentioned that we can install WordPress with MSSQL Server. So, does that mean that this( plugin will also work for PIWIK. Kindly help.

No this will not work for Piwik. Right now Piwik only supports MySQL.

Can you please help by explaining. Is it not as simple as pointing to a another database server with a different port and database driver ?

SQL differs between MySQL and MSSQL, so you might get unexpected results (or errors because you use some feature of MySQL that MSSQL doesn’t support). You also need a different driver that Piwik would have to support. We only support mysql_ at the moment.

I am just trying to find a solution or to make one. So, some more questions :

  1. Are these drives correct for sql? - sqlsrv,pdo and pdo_sqlsrv driver
  2. I understand that PIWIK does not use ‘Stored Routines’. So does PHP code has inline queries ?

Also, I am good with MYSQL and MSSQL , I can change the queries easily.

Can you guide me which PHP pages to look into for this to be done ?

You can’t change the queries “easily” but you can try

If your WordPress plugin supports an ancient version of Piwik (around June 2010/v0.6.2[/url]), and you don’t mind exposing the security vulnerabilities fixed since then (for example, if deploying on a company intranet), there is a [url=]patch adding support for SQL Server 2008 that was rejected.

Since then database access has been re-architected, so the patch is unlikely to be easy to merge into the current version of the software. There has been some interest in adding support for SQL Server:

Open Tickets
#2593: Multiple database and storage engine support 2011-07-27
#1902: Piwik on Windows: SQL Server, Azure, Wincache 2010-12-10

Forum Posts
Piwik using MS SQL 2012-11-15
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And here is a list of Windows-friendly alternatives, though they don’t seem to promise easy WordPress integration:
Alternative to google analytics that runs on ASP.NET and doesn’t use IIS logs? - Stack Overflow

Also a ORACLE port: piwik/README at piwik-oracle · AncudIT/piwik · GitHub