Moving Website


I have moved my website to a new hosting provider:

  1. Used a Joomla Site Back-up component
  2. Restored backup
  3. Everything on website works except for Piwik

…I have checked database & no new piwik files have been logged.
…I cannot access the admin side.

Do I (a.) need to remove all piwik files and reinstall (loosing all previous data since May)
or (b.) somehow update the records and get it working again?

Error message when attempting to access admin side:

WARN Installation[2014-11-10 11:XX:XX] [2423b] Unable to start session: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘MYDATABASEUSERNAME’@‘MYIPADDRESS’ (using password: YES)

Piwik # Web Analytics

Error: Unable to start session…

I have removed obvious parts for privacy reasons

#EDIT: Resolved… I can access the admin site (changed config file)

…but I cannot seem to get it to track data! …Isn’t tracking any changes.
…I have replaced the tracking code and updated the accepted URLs, but no fix so far.

Any help is greatly appreciated!



&… I just updated Piwik, now the settings options have vanished from the piwik admin side?