Moving to new server, some (old) reports missing

Old Server: Debian 7-Standard with MySQL (but PHP 5.6.25 from dotdeb).
New Server: Debian 8-Standard with MariaDB (and PHP 7.0.10 from dotdeb).

Moving by copying the piwik-files from the old to the new server and changing database credentials in config. While the old server was still running, I used mysqldump to get the data. So maybe there are some inconsistences here (especially cause I dumped old numeric/blob tables before).

Then everythings seems to work fine. But after the first archiving was done (via cron only once a day), strange things happened: No data shown for the current day and – even more strange – no for two days before yesterday.
I copied some rows from the option-table of the old to the new server which seem missing.

Now the data of today shows up – but no data for 6th of september. I can look at the visitor-log of this day, so the raw data seems to be there (and I still have everything on my old server). But every other report for this day says „no data“ - besides Visitors/Engagement/Returning Visits). For 3rd september the calculated numbers are lower than they were on the old server.

So something went wrong while copying the data and this makes some strange things when archiving the data.

Any idea what I can do to clean up?

After some more archiving jobs were done (not only the daily one but some more started „by hand“) it looks better: The lost results were back. Only the result for September 3rd stays wrong. How can I rebuild the results for such an older date (the detailed logs are still there)?

See How do I record tracking data in the past, and tell Piwik to invalidate and re-process the past reports? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks – sorry that I wasn’t able to find the answer myself.

Anyway: With the hints given in the faq the reports are corrected now :slight_smile: