Moving to another server



Is their documentation on how to move the program to another server while keeping all the stat info?

I am using version 1.4



(Thomas) #2

Hello Mike,

I just did it today,

I remember this:

  • backup from old database (piwik_)
  • first install piwik on new server with making the database,
  • then activate all plugins I also used at old config (to prepare database also),
  • login via phpmyadmin etc. in new database, backup install-data, empty then all data, and then …
  • then import backup into new database

that worked at me,
even I checked both config files for differences …

and remember you have to change all script codes to new link !

Hope that is ok,
Greetings and success



Thanks Thomas. That worked.

I was forgetting to empty the database and was getting duplicate errors.


(Matthieu Aubry) #4

See also official doc: Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo