Moving Piwik to New Server. Problems with DB Import


I’m experiencing problems whilst moving my Piwik database to a new server. I have exported the database from the old server using phpAdmin in Cpanel as a SQL database. I’m using the default export settings.

During import I’m getting SQL errors (unfortunately I didn’t make a note of the error and it is quite a long upload). My question is whether I can use the standard export/import settings in phpAdmin to move my Piwik database? I’ve tried twice so far with no luck. What are my alternatives?


using phpmyadmin should work fine, of course you should note down the errors etc. but this is not directly related to piwik (maybe your 2 mysql servers are using different mysql versions)

Thanks. I was able to import this time but rather than use phpAdmin I used the standard Cpanel ‘Backups’ facility. I’ve done a fresh instal of Piwik 1.8.4 (same as my previous server) on the new server but when I navigate to the root Piwik directory I’m getting an ‘Internal Server Error’:

“The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.”

This might be something simple but I’ve done 2 Piwik installs before and not seen this error.


Can you check your server error log files for more info about the error ?

I’ll have a look through the log files. Hopefully I can fix this soon.