Movers and shakers not displaying at end of month

I was looking at movers and shakers on the 31st July with my admin, user settings, report date to load by default = current month.

At about 21:00 BST ( 20:00 UTC ) on opening the dashboard no movers and shakers were present. One eventually appeared - I have an issue with incorrect page titles for one page that I have not tracked down, however because of this I could then hover over the heading and it appears to be comparing July figures with July and seeing 0% evolution.

The date range on the dashboard is displaying as July 2014.

If I then select a date range of month, july, on the dashboard the movers and shakers correctly start comparing July with June and appear again.

Not sure if this is a problem with my implementation but there appears to be a difference between current month from admin, and current month from dashboard.