Moved Server Now Sites Have View Access Error

I moved servers, same domain name, migrated data - all worked 100%

But now client sites with WordPress plugin WP-Matomo 1.0.23 have in source code:
"<!-- {"result":"error","message":"You can't access this resource as it requires 'view' access for the website id = 21."} -->"

So i changed auth token and applied to site but WP plugin says can’t connect -

Weird thing is though that Matomo Server is still collecting data.

Matomo version: 4.3.0-b2
MySQL version: 10.4.18-MariaDB-1:10.4.18+maria~focal-log
PHP version: 7.4.16 

How to troubleshoot further?


Tracking still works as the tracking code doesn’t need access to the API.

The wordpress plugin only needs it to fetch the tracking code and to fetch reports to display them inside wordpress.

For the issue itself: Can you check if the user account (for which the token was generated) really has view access to the site?

Hi Lukas,
How do I check client has view access to the site?


(BTW thanks for removing the pic - I thought I crossed out part of the token)

Ok so I just have 1 admin on Matomo and the admin has tokens set up - so when I moved my server I didn’t change the password but now the token is not authenticating sites - so I generate a new token some sites will connect others not if I try connecting a number of times some more will authenticate.

So the authentication process seems flakey - others that I just cannot get connected even with other tokens I just have to enter the tracking script manually.