Move particular visit data from one site to another

My organization maintains several websites. Earlier this week we made a configuration change that inadvertently updated the tracking code on Site A to have the wrong siteId—the siteId for Site B. As a result, for about 24 hours, Matomo recorded visitors to Site A as visitors to Site B instead. We see in Matomo that Site A saw no visitors yesterday while Site B saw an erroneous spike in visits.

Fortunately these visits were all recorded with the correct URLs, so it’s pretty easy to identify them (since they have a completely different hostname from the rest of the visits to Site B). Is there any way to move the data from those particular visits back to Site A so our historical analytics are correct again? We’re probably even willing to drop into the database and manually update tables as long as we can be confident we’re doing it properly.


Honestly I don’t know any great way to move the data.

One thing you could do instead: Use the GDPR tool to remove the wrong data in Site B and if you still have the access.log of your Matomo instance you can replay all tracking requests that were sent to it. (and modify the siteId in the log files first)