Move of Large Site - Archive Rebuild Issues


Good morning –

I am in the process of moving a very large site with thousands of tracked sites to a new server. I exported all tables except the archives, and uploaded the .sql file to the new server. I manually executed the cron script for the first time, and after 8 hours processing, the system has only rebuilt archives for 76/10,000+ sites. Are there any suggestions on how to speed this up? The server has 16GB RAM, I used MySQL Tuner, and raised the PHP memory limit trying to optimize the operation.

If we have to let it continue to run for days/weeks, will statistics be gathered while archiving is performed? Keeping our old data is important to us.


(Matthieu Napoli) #2

Is all the traffic redirected to the new server?

The archiving shouldn’t affect the tracking, so even if it runs for days, requests from tracker will still be inserted in the database.

However if the tracking data is still posted to the old server while the new one reprocesses archive data, then your new server will not have the latest tracked data!