Move archive.php

Today I noticed archiving for my website stopped. I run the archive script from an url (http://example/piwik/misc/cron/archive.php? …) and I found the misc folder is now protected with htaccess denying any access to any IP. So now I have edited the htaccess file to allow the IP of the cron server. However, with a next update of piwik the .htaccess will probably be overwritten again. So could you people take a look at it and either make htaccess less strict or move the archive.php file to another folder?

I tried on 2 piwik and the misc/cron/archive.php was loading fine.

Are you using latest Apache? what was the problem exactly?

The problem is that the misc folder is protected with an .htaccess file, which contains rules to deny any traffic of any IP over http, this set of rules also applies to the cron folder inside the misc folder, so it makes executing the archive.php file over http impossible.

if you add a line like this to that htaccess. secure, and is only invoked locally.Filter the lines as desired.

<Files “cron.php”>
Order deny,allow
Allow from name.of.this.machine
Allow from
Allow from
Deny from all

Now cron.php is run only if requested from the server.