More than 5 column on custom variables

Hi guys, I love Piwik! I’m using it for almost a year, and i thinks is better than others, but, at this moment, I need to add more columns to the custom variables, how can accomplish this? I have knowledge on Php and Javascript, but I don’t want to make a disaster with my installation, so, someone has do that? how?

Thanks guys!

Hello again! =)

Reading a little more I found this:

But that was from: April 08, 2011. I edited the MAX_CUSTOM_VARIALES to 10, and when I go to piwik.js (Bot, minified and unminified) and the maxCustomVariales are not there, and isn’t in others files (grep).

P.D.: after edited the MAX_CUSTOM_VARIABLES to 10, piwik start showing a lot of errors, so, I make a rollback.

Any Solution?
So much thanks community

Hi again, another question, I need to modify the DB schema to do that? I mean, I need to add new custom_var_k and custom_var_v to my DB?

Here is an example of what I’m looking for.

Any help? Please. Thanks!