More or less: nothing work

Hi all friends, sry for my english and thank for you attention 8)

I’ve installed piwik twice, but i have the same multiple errors.
I’ve collected a lot of this error in a single image, the stas work on the site active, but i’m not able to change, add o delete any data: users, sites, language…

As u can see in the image, frequently i read the message: “Per favore specifica un valore per $var”… this in english mean: “Please specify a value for $var”… more or less 8)

Trying to change super user-infos i recive: “Il token non è valido” (stay for “Invalid token”).

The System control says “everything is ok” (except a “NFS Filesystem” advise).

I din’t change the language also, this cause a fallback to an error page.

I think all the errors may be caused from the same problem (i hope as well 8) ).
Did someone have some suggest for me?

TY all 8)

Try this: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks for your help 8) Situation never changed… 8(

  1. Delete your browser cache or try to access your Piwik with a different browser.
    -> Done, also using another browser, nothing change
  2. Delete all files in piwik/tmp/*.
    -> Done, no changes
  3. Check your web server error logs.
    No errors about piwik on it
  4. Reupload all Piwik files from the latest version
    was a new installation, uploaded twice already… 8(

Should be the php.ini file? Actually is that:

TY! o/

please try this version: