More Columns with Data in "Pages" and "Entry Pages"?

Hello Community,

Maybe this is a stupid questions, but I just dont find the answer:

I find the analytics/ data showed in “Pages” very low. It only shows the columns:
| |Pageviews| ||Unique Pageviews| ||Bounce Rate| ||Avg. time on page| ||Exit rate| ||Avg. page load time|

In Entry Pages there are even less. So it’s really difficult to get more information on a specific page.

If I export the results, then there are plenty of new columns with information. But its so annyoing to export all the time…

Is there a possibility to customize the columns in the web view to get more information ?

Thanks a lot in advance

You can use a premium feature:

Hey Philippe,

thanks for your quick answer. That seems like the perfekt tool - except that it’s too expensiv for us as a nonprofit. Anyway, I’ll test it and see if it’s worth it and maybe we’ll find a budget solution.

I assume that the existence of this tool means that it’is definitely not possible in the free version?

Thanks again

You can also create your own plugin…

Hehe, I am lacking all the necessary skills for that.

Ok, thanks, have a nice weekend!